Correct Diagnosis is Vital 

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Our damp surveyors are highly trained and use an array of digital instruments to help them come to the correct conclusion. They will then explain the problem to you, talk about any dangers that your problem could cause you and fully explain a solution. Some of the solutions that we use will even save you money in energy bills, so much so that HMRC have reduced the VAT rate. All work is carried out by qualified tradespeople to current British Board of Agrement standards. All visits to your property will be conducted under strict COVID 19 guidelines. 

We offer a FREE home assessment for all property owners, to book yours click below.

There are many different causes of damp that require many different solutions; so with this in mind, to save expensive and unnecessary work correct diagnosis of the cause of a damp problem is vital. With over 40 years experience in the damp proofing industry Home Energy Save Ltd can be relied upon to offer the correct solution to your problem, this may even be as simple as offering some free advice.

"Ah" I hear you say "they would say that though, wouldn't they?" Don't take our word for it, click on Checkatrade it will take you to our page and there you will see what our customers have to say about us, you'll even find a glowing review from an architect about both our diagnostic expertise and the quality of the subsequent work. All the reviews on Checkatrade have been verified and you will also see evidence that we have all the relevant insurance to carry out work safely and securely in your home. 

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