Bringing Condensation Under Control

While in Summer or at times of a higher temperature, the humidity in our homes is at an acceptable level. During colder months, when you use your heating more and the humidity in your home increases, the water in the air cools down on the surface of windows and creates condensation. 

Condensation occurs on cold windows and walls when you cook or bathe. If the ventilation in your home is inadequate, condensation will accumulate and leave water pools that turn into damp. If left untreated, this can be the breeding ground for black mould.

So how can we bring condensation under control? Raise the temperature, making sure to keep it at more of a constant and ventilate your home.

All of these can be solved by installing a PIV Unit!

PIV Units

Positive Input Ventilation Unit, PIV Unit for short, is a device that can be installed into lofts or walls to help regulate airflow by taking fresh air from outside and pumping it into a home to remove stale, humid or stagnant air.  

PIV Units can be installed with ease and can be fully configured to certain temperatures based on the current household problems and resident preferences. The temperature of the air is changed by the unit automatically.

The benefits of this process include:

• Reduces the chance of homes building up moisture to the point mould grows

• Reduces the build up of pollen, traffic fumes, CO2 or other airborne dangers

• Creates an environment where condensation is at an acceptable level

• Can help asthma and allergy sufferers

• Can reduce maintenance costs

A PIV unit

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